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Whether as a user or company: use our “Crypto Advisor” app to find all crypto-acceptance points or simply accept crypto-funds in your business. Build an acceptance point and be one of the first in your industry to be found in the “Crypto Advisor” app. Find all crypto payment options close to you or worldwide on our website, as well as in our app. Become part of the community by exchanging ideas with other users about locations and possibilities in the crypto world. Show presence as a crypto pioneer and thereby draw attention to your company. Well, curiosity aroused?


Become a pioneer in the field of crypto payment and be one of the first to accept Bitcoin and Co. as a means of payment! We will find the optimal solution for your request, whether you run a small kiosk, run a large car dealership or just want to offer the payment option “cryptocurrencies” on your website. We are happy to advise you!


You wanna have a basic knowledge of blockchain technology? Is your company planning a blockchain implementation? Do you want to understand the current legal situation better? Or do you just want to know more than others?

We offer video courses for beginners and advanced.

Find exciting articles on the crypto topic in our blog on the Medium Platform. There is something for beginners as well as for advanced users!