About Us

Driven by a passion for technology and innovation, our business – Crypto Tree GmbH – was founded in September 2018 and is a Munich-based Startup within the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Consisting of four cryptoenthusiats the purpose of Crypto Tree is to spread the word about these new technologies and opportunities that come with them.

We are currently developing a unique App for IOS & Android devices to locate valid locations, where you can already use your cryptocurrencies to pay with.
Merchants, which list their shops within the app, will be able to use the integrated marketing tool to increase their customer audience.

Furthermore, we offer different services related to crypto education, no matter if you are new to this topic or if you have already made first experiences within the crypto world.

Stay tuned and join the crypto experience! Exchange ideas with us and find out what the future holds for you!

Matthias Heininger

Managing Director

Matthias is our absolute crypto expert. Since the creation of the Blockchain Matthias is already fascinated by the topic. In 2011 he started into the crypto world with a Bitcoin advertising platform. After 6 years of professional software development, he is now the managing director and team leader responsible for the technical innovations at Crypto Tree. Whether websites, blockchains or other bits & bytes. Like in the real world, also in the IT he is always looking for improvement.

Elena Kaut

Managing Director

As a lawyer, Elena has already worked in the IT sector. She takes care of all legal issues at Crypto Tree. In addition to organizing and managing all projects, she illuminates the crypto world from a legal perspective. She always looks at the world realistically and thus ensures that the focus is always on the essentials. As managing director and team manager, she keeps the business running. As far as technical details are concerned, she prefers to leave the work to the boys.

Martin Maier

Sales Manager

With his many years of experience abroad and in sales, Martin has the ideal qualifications for his position at Crypto Tree. As a sales guru, he constantly ensures the expansion of acceptance points for crypto money. His affinity for languages, as well as his assertiveness and creativity help him to solve everyday challenges. He is an avid Cryptonaut and didn’t think long when he was told: “Martin, we’re founding!

Flavia Baldassarri

Community Manager

As community manager, Flavia manages all Crypto Tree channels and ensures an optimal public image. She keeps you up to date with the latest information and news about the crypto world and our company. Flavia is an absolute organizational genius and therefore well prepared for all new challenges the crypto world has to offer. As a trained yoga teacher, she will also provide inner peace and harmony for her colleagues, Namaste.

Robert Gerstner

Lecturer & Trainer

Robert is our passionate crypto ambassador and enthusiast. Since 2016 he has been gaining practical experience in the crypto market and attaches great importance to interactions, for example in the daily exchange through his project “Crypto2Go”. From his original interest in the financial markets, Robert has developed a deep understanding of the blockchain. He can talk 24/7 about the blockchains’ potential and infects everyone with it. But you will be able to convince yourself of this in our educational videos!

Stella-Maries Markovics

Writer & Trainer

Stella is our enthusiastic crypto author with body and soul. By writing Stella got into the crypto market for the first time in 2017 and has not been able to get away from it ever since. She pursues her urge for news and good research daily at “Crypto2Go”. As soon as there are any ambiguities regarding a topic, she starts a targeted search for facts in order to impart well-founded knowledge in our professional articles. So that you always stay up to date with our coaching sessions and video courses, you will be able to get to know her there!